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Being female, and therefore far superior to all men, I have never ever missed the chance to humiliate and degrade every man I could in every way possible. It gives me great satisfaction that is absolutely indescribable. I always demand that my slaves kneel in front of me while squirming and getting ready to worship me, even though they are never ever worthy of such a privilege. My slaves are instructed to suck each toe one by one nice and slowly, then to lick the bottom of my feet until they are entirely clean.

But to no avail, as their efforts of course are always unsuccessful, yet they seem to continuously beg and beg for more chances to please me at every turn, and always come back for more! Meanwhile I grow tirelessly weary of their futile efforts and attempts. I try to make my slaves useful in every way possible, such as emptying the garbage, in the hope they would throw themselves away as well, using them for my bed pan that is always feasible, and scrubbing the floors and toilets with their heads, but yet again I am always disappointed.

From high brows to low brows, it only goes to show how completely pathetic these dumb men really are, and no matter how horrible, disgusting and humiliating my biddings and punishments are they still comply and want more and more over and over again....I know they are all girly men, adult babies, whining jerks, dildo boys, ass wipers and totally inadequate in every way possible. I give them no credit or praise for any of their endeavors at all !!!

I can safely say that men are responsible for all the wars, crime, injustice, poverty, destruction of the planet, stupidity, economic downturns and bad decisions and everything else that is wrong with the world, then and now. Their only worth is to be absolutely and totally submissive to all Women everywhere and at all times, and consider themselves lucky and grateful to have the opportunity and utmost honor and privilege to do so regardless of the terms and conditions... When all is said and done, men come out of the womb head first, instead of standing on their own two feet, they are unfortunately still sitting on their heads.