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Feel the fire of my flame. I am a Sensual, Creative, Red-Haired, Green-Eyed, Voluptuous Mistress. I have 20 years of experience in the New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia areas. I believe strongly in Female Superiority, and male servitude. I enjoy Bondage, Domination, Fantasies, Fetishes, and Psychodrama. I enjoy training novices and newcomers in all levels of Psychodrama and erotic fantasies and fetishes especially Foot and Ass-Worship.

I am skilled in Bondage and cock and-ball torture. I enjoy Nipple play, Sensual teasing, tickling, and all levels of mind and control games. I will respect your limitations whilst turning you into my plaything through exquisite pain and pleasure.

I specialize in feminization for cross-dressers through total transformations, and I'm an expert in Prostate Massage, Dildo play and the creative use of sensual aids and toys.

I explore all fantasies - Naughty-Boy, Teacher/Student, Nurse/Patient and Diaper-Boys. I enjoy Over-the Knee Spanking, and love Enema-Therapy, Humiliation, and Golden Showers.

Dominant Nurse Flame is particularly interested in Medical Play and Examinations. She enjoys probing explorations done with finger manipulations. Nurse Flame also enjoys seeing her patients squirm whilst administering cleansing enema therapy.

Slaves should show proper attention to Mistress Flame's desires by examining her Wish List.

So let this Strawberry-Blond bitch bedazzle and bewitch you.

Mistress Flame has no interest in the following:

Tattooing, Piercing, Internal Catherization, Sounds, Brown Showers,
Testicular saline injection, Edgeplay, Breath Play, Blood Play,
Beastiality, Wrestling or Fisting.

Therefore, no such activity will be performed by Her.

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